Section Four

Section 4: Solar Daylighting

There are 4 primary concerns regarding solar daylighting systems: installer certification (section 4.1), installation certification (section 4.2), product certification (section 4.3), and warranty requirements (section 4.4).

4.1 Installer certification:

There is only one (1) requirement for an installer of a solar daylighting device at the time of this document's adoption. The installer must have completed and passed any training provided by the manufacturer of the daylighting device.

4.2. Installation certification:

There are no requirements beyond those conditions specified by the Registrar of Contractors. For those installations not requiring a contractors license, for example, when the total aggregate cost is less than $750, it is recommended that the installing company have a B1 (general contracting) and/or C65R (glazing) license(s).

4.3 Product certification:

There are two requirements for product certification.

4.3.1 The basic device must be ICBO approved for the intended installation.

4.3.2  The basic device must be approved by the Department of Commerce Energy Office as a solar daylighting device. The manufacturer or the installing company must submit to the Department of Commerce Energy Office (3800 N. Central Ave., Suite 1200, Phoenix, AZ 85012) a detailed description with accompanying graphics (drawings, photos) for each model with substantial design differences. It is not necessary to obtain ICBO or DOCEO approval of additional models within a model range or for minor design modifications that are supported by an engineer's written report that the additional model meets or exceeds the performance of the approved model(s). The Energy Office will issue a written response regarding the status of the device.

a. The purchaser must be supplied a copy of the letter stating that the device is a qualified device at time of installation completion.

4.4 Warranty requirements:

The installation company will provide a full parts and labor warranty for the entire system for two (2) years from date of installation.

Full parts and labor warranty includes, but is not limited to, and and all component failure(s), whether it is covered by the original manufacturer or not; and any and all installation-related malfunction(s). Any manufacturer's warranty(ies) are in addition to, not in lieu of, the installation warranty requirements. Warranty is not required to cover problems resulting from exposure to harmful materials and chemicals, fire, flood, lightning, hurricane, tornado, hailstorm, earthquake, or other acts of God, vandalism, alteration of system by anyone not authorized by the installation company, or any other cause beyond the control of the installation company.

4.5 Written certifications:

For all solar daylighting systems, the purchaser must be furnished with a written statement of certification (see A); a statement of performance (see B), which must include what general performance the purchaser can expect from the system under typical conditions; and a statement of warranty (see D).