Sample Format for Statement of Performance
B. Sample format for Statement of Performance -- all system types: To be signed by purchaser and seller at time of sale and supplied to purchaser as part of Statement of Certification package. Sample only -- subject to change without notice.

Statement of General Performance

To: Solar (type of system) owner at (address)

From: (selling company)

Date: (date of sale)

RE: Solar (type of system) certification requirements

Your solar (type of system) has been custom designed and installed for you needs.

There are many variables affecting the performance of your solar (type of system) including, but not limited to, general weather patterns, specific site conditions, energy use patterns and other conditions not subject to the control of the system designer(s) and/or installer(s).

However, without stating or implying a guarantee of performance, this system is expected to provide approximately (xx)% to (yy)% of the total annual (water heating, swimming pool heating, spa heating, electric lighting/appliance. lighting, space heating/cooling, etc.) energy requirements of your application under typical conditions.

(Add a paragraph to describe more specifically what the purchaser can or cannot expect. For example, for pools, it will be necessary to state that the pool temperature generally will not be adequate for comfortable swimming all year, especially from say, November to March, or whatever the system was not not sized for. Another example will be if collector shading will adversely affect system performance during any part of the year. If the system cannot be installed reasonably close to the test parameters -- tilt, orientation, etc. -- the purchaser must be informed. For example, if the collector is to be installed as a flush roof mount resulting in significantly less-than-tested tilt, or if the system, must be oriented east/west, the purchaser must be informed here. For PV systems, a brief explanation of peak watts is useful so the purchaser understands that the module will supply peak watts only under ideal conditions.)

Seller: I hereby declare that I am an authorized representative of (selling company) and further declare that all of the above statements are true and correct:

(Print name)

(signature, date)

(company name)

Purchaser: I have read and understand the contents of this Statement of Performance. I further understand that this statement provides a general understanding of what I can expect from the solar system and I understand this is not a guarantee, implied or otherwise, of performance.