Sample Format for Statement of Certification - All Systems
A. Sample format for Statement of Certification -- all systems: To be signed by installer and supplied to purchaser upon completion of installation. Sample only: subject to change without notice.

Statement of Certification

To: Solar (type of system) owner at (address)

From: (installation company)

Date: (date of installation)

RE: Solar (type of system) certification requirements

Your solar (type of system) has been custom designed and installed for your needs.

The system, individual components and installation meets or exceeds all the current State of Arizona solar (type of system) requirements.

The installation has been supervised on-site by a certified solar technician who has met all the requirements of the State of Arizona at the time of installation (if applicable).

The system warranty meets or exceeds all of the requirements of the State of Arizona at the time of installation. A copy of the State of Arizona solar system warranty requirements is attached.

The performance of the system is approximated and stated on the attached Statement of Performance.

The system meets or exceeds all the State of Arizona requirements for the solar sales tax exemption and solar tax credit legislation.

I hereby declare that I am an authorized representative of (installation company) and further declare that all of the above statements and the statements on the attached documents are true and correct:

(print name)

(signature and date)

(company name)