From Saturday 10 November 2012
To Sunday 11 November 2012

The Tucson Innovative Home Tour and Tucson Solar Tour are annual non-profit, non-commercial, community educational events bringing people together to share ideas and experience in the search for ways to make homes better and cost less. You can see sustaining homes that fit in well with the natural environment, homes that draw on the best aspects of the local climate for greater comfort with much lower utility bills, and homes with quality and durability for a greater affordability that lasts. In short, it's about how to live in nature's sustaining flow, instead of trying to swim against it. New advances for designing, building and renovating such homes are the focus of the tour, recognized as one of the largest local events of its kind in the nation.

For more information see Current year link: Tecson Innovative Home Tour

Location : Tucson, AZ