Courtesy, Dr. Martin J. Pasqualetti

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Making adobe bricks near Springerville, Arizona. Adobe provide insulation from intense solar energy in desert environments at low cost.

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An off-grid solar house on the Navajo Reservation, northeastern Arizona. The house was constructed by the local coal company when the original housing structure had to be removed due to mining activity.

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The Dupa House, constructed of adobe in the 19th century, downtown Phoenix, Arizona.

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Photovoltaic arrays adjacent to decommissioned Rancho Seco nuclear power plant southeast of Sacramento California. Photo courtesy of Sacramento Municipal Utility District

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Trombe wall house in western Wales, UK. This passive design allows the warming solar energy to strike a stationary high-mass wall inside the south-facing glass. The heated air circulates naturally throughout the house. (See next image)

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Diagram of trombe wall

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Jack pump in the west-Texas oil fields near McCamey. Wind turbines on ridge illustrate a transition from fossil to renewable energy resources.

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Photovoltaic arrays provide electricity to the visitor center at Navajo Bridge National Monument, Utah.

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Diagram of a power tower arrangement such as has been constructed near Daggett, California. The individual adjustable mirror assemblies (heliostats) track the sun and focus the energy on a center receiver, producing high temperatures to boil water or other working fluid and generate electricity.

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(This image and next) Concentrating solar troughs at Kramer Junction west of Blythe, California, one of the largest arrays in the US.

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(See description previous image)

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Photovoltaic array used to power communications equipment near Globe. Photo courtesy of Arizona Public Service.