Note: This is a copy of official information from the Arizona Department of Commerce.

Section 1. General

1.1 Introduction

These guidelines and procedures are intended to more specifically address the issues regarding Arizona's solar legislation, including, but not limited to, the following statutes and appropriate subsections:

42-1301 (taxation), 42-1310.01 (taxation), 42-1310.16 (taxation), 43-1083 (taxation), 44-1761 (trade and commerce), 44-1762 (trade and commerce)

1.2 Scope

These guidelines and procedures are applicable to all residential solar thermal, solar electric, solar daylighting and other renewable resource devices and installations as specified in the legislation and this document.

IMPORTANT NOTE: These guidelines and procedures apply to all residential devices and installations and are in force whether or not there are any state tax credit or other incentives available. For example, a solar or other application which may meet the definition of a "solar device" (ARS 44-1761), but does not meet the standards, rating, certification or other part(s) of these guidelines, MAY NOT BE SOLD AND/OR INSTALLED IN ARIZONA.

Only those devices and systems covered by this document (see Section 5) are subject to State certification, rating and other standards

Section 2. Solar Thermal Water Heating

Section 3. Solar Electric/Photovoltaic (including wind electrical systems)

Section 4: Solar Daylighting

Section 5. General devices/systems descriptions

A. Sample Format for Statement of Certification -- all systems

B. Sample format for Statement of Performance -- all systems

C. Sample format for Statement of Warranty Coverage -- solar thermal

D. Sample format for Statement of Warranty Coverage-- all systems except solar thermal.