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New Deal Roots and Clean Energy Offshoots. The stimulus invested in our nation’s infrastructure, our public... http://t.co/d241u4xJHT
August 26: A new report from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission shows that July was a historic month for... http://t.co/1Iz2kE9tMA
August 24: The Environment America Research & Policy Center has released its annual report ranking the top 10... http://t.co/FkRcT2cyI8
August 22: Pursuant to A.R.S. §32-1170.01, it is unlawful to install, alter, or repair a solar device without... http://t.co/OX85J9VDoT
Since 1999, the Arizona Solar Center has been the premier advocate for the use and utilization of solar energy in... http://t.co/qzQuHmvhWm
Visit http://t.co/cl1fhSHvi9 today to support the Arizona Solar Center. http://t.co/zKjGPP6y42
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In 1999, Robin Williams had a series of Solar Sunflowers installed on a hill overlooking his Napa Valley winery.... http://t.co/uNFAt8KAi5
Solar energy once was considered a feel-good story. We celebrated every announcement as a victory. These days... http://t.co/vCpSpZXbdP
A new solar proposal from APS is being compared to an idea that former DOE Secretary Steven Chu suggested last... http://t.co/AmiujDCwGP
Aug 8: Demand Response is the term for turning homes and buildings into grid-responsive energy assets. The... http://t.co/70MSoEOZJs
Aug 7: Arizona has the greatest solar capacity per ratepayer, which isn't surprising; after all, people retire... http://t.co/Pp6uKipUid
Big Batteries starting to make Big Advances . . . As the market grows, costs could be driven down by efficiencies... http://t.co/BF0djoRrU5
The evolution of clean energy choices got a jolt this week when APS announced plans to lease customers’ rooftops... http://t.co/MR7ynDuq31
July 25: Electricity demand has been spiking in Arizona this week. On Wednesday, SRP's 970,000 customers... http://t.co/4ygUIIQzlI
July 24: A look back on the impact of the Solar Decathlon . . . http://t.co/G1Xw67BdnE
July 20: President Barack Obama isn't on the Arizona primary election ballot, but judging from the campaigns,... http://t.co/QE21qnsCx2
July 19: Give or take a few hazy mornings or dust storm-influenced afternoons, the sun shines in Phoenix more... http://t.co/ToUDdrLxMx
July 13: It has been a year since APS asked the Corporation Commission to approve a monthly surcharge of $50 to... http://t.co/O8E3nhrDUv
July 10: Nevada utility NV Energy’s net metering program does not significantly impact homeowners without rooftop... http://t.co/RvdvvE6ZQR
July 10:
July 6: Two solar panel installers filed a lawsuit against the Arizona Department of Revenue (ADOR) last week... http://t.co/DsATGxqaJf
July 6: America’s quest to become a clean energy nation is like the proverbial three-legged stool. Each leg of... http://t.co/S6Ww7PXq89
June 28: The city of Tempe has set a new goal for itself when it comes to renewable energy. The city council... http://t.co/aPRjo8Y1cU
June 28: ACC candidates stake out positions on solar tax issue. http://t.co/ic8KGAN9Uj

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Labor Day: New Deal Roots and Clean Energy Offshoots


The Great Depression witnessed the highest unemployment rate this country has ever known. A quarter of the American workforce was jobless at its height in 1932. The next year, the newly-elected President, Franklin D. Roosevelt, signed into law legislation that put the country on the road to recovery.

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