Sat, Jul 21, 2018
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Net Metering: Point-Counterpoint Responses to the ACC Staff’s Recommendations

This week’s Sun Day Blog(s) covers both sides of the issue of the Net Metering debate. APS and AriSEIA (Arizona Solar Energy Industries Association) were asked to provide their respective positions on the Arizona Corporation Commission Staff’s recommendations concerning the net metering proposed changes offered earlier this summer by APS.

Recent Comments
APS is only looking out for themselves. They will be the only ones benefiting from the change. Solar customers will suffer, solar ... Read More
Sunday, 13 October 2013 12:29
James Pitre
The issue of fairness may need to be addressed, however by far the more important issue is how do we collectively establish a poli... Read More
Sunday, 13 October 2013 13:25
Jim Stack
So when a solar customer makes extra energy right during the Peak hours and it flows to a neighbors house and APS bills that custo... Read More
Monday, 14 October 2013 09:31
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Breaking News: ACC Staff Recommends Postponing Net Metering Discussion Until 2015

October 1 -- Yesterday the Arizona Corporation Commission Staff issued its highly anticipated recommendations in response to APS's proposed rule changes directed at residential solar customers.

Recent Comments
Jim Stack
This is just a recommendation by the staff at this time. If the commissioners agree it just delays it for 2 years until the next r... Read More
Friday, 04 October 2013 20:36
Henry Harding
I have another property and would like to have solar on that as well. If the Corporation Commission goes with the staff recommenda... Read More
Saturday, 05 October 2013 04:56
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