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Federal Business Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC)

3468The federal business energy tax credit is a 30% tax credit available to commercial businesses that invest in or purchase energy property in the United States.  Energy property is defined as either solar or geothermal energy. Solar energy property includes equipment that uses solar energy to generate electricity, to heat or cool (or provide hot water for use in) a structure, or to provide solar process heat. Geothermal energy property includes equipment used to produce, distribute, or use energy derived from a geothermal deposit. For electricity produced by geothermal power, equipment qualifies only up to, but not including, the electrical transmission stage.

The energy property must be operational in the year in which the credit is first taken. The property must also be constructed by the taxpayer and used by the taxpayer. Energy property does not include public utility property, passive solar systems, pool heating, or equipment used to generate steam for industrial or commercial processes.

Credit may not be taken if financing for the project is subsidized or from tax-exempt private activity bonds. The tax credit is limited to $25,000 per year, plus 25% of the total tax remaining after the credit is taken.  Remaining credit may be carried back to the three preceding years and then carried forward for 15 years.

The Energy Policy Act of 1992 ensures that this tax credit in ongoing and has no expiration date. Use Form 3468 to claim the investment credit. The latest forms can always be found on the IRS web site from the "Forms and Publications Finder."

Information provided by J. Arwood, Arizona Department of Commerce Energy Office

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Saturday, 16 February 2019

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