48th National Solar Conference  
August 5-9, 2019 | Minneapolis, MN

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The American Solar Energy Society believes that supplying 100% of America’s electricity with renewable energy is not only possible but urgently necessary.

ASES represents the scientists, educators, and activists who can provide renewable energy technologies and solutions for climate action in the United States that will have an impact within the next five years.
Many strategies will be necessary to take immediate climate action:

  • Electricity supply (residential, commercial, industrial, utility-Scale solar; on land wind power; offshore wind power)
  • Transmission (including a national HVDC grid)
  • Electrifying the economy (transportation, homes, businesses, buildings)
  • Policies (international, national, state, intra-state, city)
  • Public support (social media; popular press, education)
  • Personal actions (renewable energy opportunities Energy efficiency, electric vehicles)

All focused on taking meaningful action within the next five years.