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Renewable Energy Standard and Transition Plan (REST)

Stakeholder Meeting and Workshop March 10-11, 2020

Hearing Room One
1200 W. Washington St., Phoenix, AZ 85007

Commissioner Sandra D. Kennedy has submitted her updated plan, that she calls the Kennedy Renewable Energy Standard and Transition Plan II (KREST II), which includes each element of her initial proposal as well as new provisions aimed at a) updating our renewable energy rules, b) providing a path for Arizona's energy transition, c) increasing system resiliency and reliability and d) acknowledging the water/energy nexus in Arizona.

50 percent Renewable Energy Standard by 2028 and

100 percent Carbon Emissions Free Standard by 2045.

KREST II continues the requirement element of the existing REST. Requiring utility compliance ensures policy continuity and certainty for the regulated entitjes while also supporting utility accountability and transparency to the public. The requirement was critical lo the success of the REST and EERS, and will be critical to the success of any updated renewable energy and energy efficiency policy this Commission passes. Moving from a required standard to a voluntary, aspirational goal would be a drastic, unnecessary, and unproductive change in policy.

Details of the updated plan are available at

Everyone with a interest in or concern for our environment can provide testimony at the workshop.

Submit those written comments to the AZCC docket before and/or immediately following the workshop.

We do not know yet if the public will be able to provide comments on March 10th or 11th, so we recommend holding both dates in the interim, if possible.

Once again, we need written comments to the Arizona Corporation Commission advocating for renewable energy and energy efficiency. If you’ve written once or twice, please consider writing again. If you’ve not written before, now is the time. Below is a link to a sample letter. You can make your own. Arizona Interfaith Power & Light has a model letter that you can use and adapt.