Tuesday, January 27th, 2015 - 11:10 pm 
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News Highlights

Jan. 27: The University of Arizona has developed a new technology to manage the evaporation of water from mining... http://t.co/wAOv5rzlGs
Jan. 18: The Phoenician resort is now using clean, renewable energy to boost sustainability and create shaded... http://t.co/vKPhDxa0Lq
Jan.18: Salt River Project announced that it would provide 100 percent renewable energy to power the February 1st... http://t.co/caMQGihOBk
Jan. 18: Arizona Residential Utility Consumer Office is offering advice on going solar, including how to weigh... http://t.co/wMCitk31ED
Jan 18: Salt River Project management has proposed dramatic changes to its residential electricity rates that... http://t.co/sw6hcJgtxR
New revelations emerge on the rooftop solar battle front. http://t.co/xlppMDq3xj
Jan 8: House Bill 2014 from Reps. Phil Lovas (R-Peoria) and Paul Boyer (R-Phoenix) with support from Sen. Sylvia... http://t.co/W17dkT1Vhc
Jan 3: The biggest clean energy story in 2014 may well be our Story of the Year again come next December: The... http://t.co/5wlLz1DQLZ
Special Alert: There will be two opportunities this week for the public to provide comments concerning a recent... http://t.co/W3LcVKPcp1
Jan 1 -- Is 2015 the Tipping Point for Solar? It's possible that 2015 will be the first year in which over half... http://t.co/86HqrdhQNA
Dec 28: Some of the biggest issues facing society in the new year will involve finding solutions to our energy... http://t.co/T0ght8OU51
Dec. 22: Arizona regulators gave the state’s two largest utilities the green light to enter the residential solar... http://t.co/HcdMhZ31BM
Dec. 13: Earthwise, Solar Choice and Solar Partners are just some of the marketing catchphrases and program... http://t.co/uL09jf8iRm
I posted a new photo to Facebook http://t.co/4uqenYbXLf
With solar energy being less than 1% of electricity generation worldwide, the opportunity is big for every player. http://t.co/DdSbx6hSrn
The oldest solar device in the world . . . http://t.co/bWhEhXdfze
Five rural cities in Arizona are being powered by solar, thanks to loans from the state’s Water Infrastructure... http://t.co/FIHdRGOcGy
TEP proposed "Rent-A-Roof" program could kickoff in early 2015. http://t.co/5r62tNmMrz
Unplugging from the Sun . . . http://t.co/F3RSaa6Q1X
"If you have to get old, get as old as you can get," Ansel Adams would often say, raising his glass in a toast to... http://t.co/sF5n8APPxi
Dec 2 -- Solar Power's Stunning Growth: The amount of electricity generated by U.S. utility-scale solar... http://t.co/PENcVuNKSa
Dec. 1 -- In a letter to the EPA dated Nov. 26, 2014, Rep. Andy Tobin, Rep. Frank Pratt — who chairs the House... http://t.co/RN4d0f3QcR
Nov. 29 -- Page Springs Vineyard and Cellars is the first winery in Arizona to harness the power of solar energy... http://t.co/Vq0mW7OCSW
ASU Professor and Arizona Solar Center Board member, Dr. Martin Pasqualetti, whose work focuses on energy policy,... http://t.co/5XHBF91bDD
Nov. 29 -- An environmental blogger is reporting that the Walton Family, owners of Walmart as well as a 30% stake... http://t.co/fqJrFoMVxC

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Arizona was one of the leaders in clean energy job growth last year, ranking No. 6 on a new report that looked at energy and transportation projects. The report released by the Washington-based Environmental Entrepreneurs group, found that Arizona announced 4,082 renewable and clean energy jobs in 2012 from 14 projects in the state.


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Rooftop Solar Users: M-m-m-my Generation

Salt River Project management has proposed dramatic changes to its residential electricity rates that carry significant impacts for its more than 12,000 rooftop solar customers.

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