Tuesday, May 5th, 2015 - 9:13 am 
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May 1: The SEPA Top 10 Solar Rankings for Utilities . . . http://t.co/VzvRQiETPG
May 1: In the wake of Salt River Project's recent solar rate hike, SolarCity Corp., the largest rooftop solar... http://t.co/EsH0JXx8Q4
April 30: Statewide, Arizona claimed the number two spot in the nation for overall annual solar growth in 2014,... http://t.co/UgZHDWy4v4
April 27: A Scottsdale solar installation company is offering solar panels with batteries to help homeowners... http://t.co/B65KKNa4Ki
April 27: Tesla is widely expected to introduce a pair of new battery technologies later this week: a battery for... http://t.co/4yiReFuZ18
April 27: A crash in the prices of photovoltaic panels and improved technology that harnesses more power from the... http://t.co/oIe4OW0yMc
Earth Day: A host of upstart tech-savvy companies have spent the past 18 months figuring out how much value... http://t.co/NAtKrMaarp
April 21: Closing out last week's Solar Summit Conference in Phoenix, Senior Solar Analyst Cory Honeyman shared... http://t.co/bTIo2cFT5y
April 20: On Earth day, Valley Metro will begin powering its new rail operations and maintenance center with... http://t.co/TGT9eCbg4G
April 20: Vision Produce Co. is installing a solar power generation system at its produce distribution center in... http://t.co/Rpo6TccjBV
April 9: Media watchdog group says Republic Columnist is off-base in criticism to Clean Energy Plan Op-Ed by... http://t.co/HbdWN8NSRb
April 4:Arizona utilities have been battling with rooftop solar-electric companies over rates, and the solar... http://t.co/BfyRWYO7LK
March 30: March 30: Tucson Electric Power last week asked utility regulators to alter the way solar customers are... http://t.co/J8XIj8gZf9
March 29: US EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy discusses implementation of the Clean Power Plan (111d). http://t.co/IXF6CYHLPD
March 29: The debate over climate change is largely settled, and most Americans understand that one of the best... http://t.co/nkUmtWH0Ej
March 26: Arizona State University officials said they are strong supporters of solar despite a donation to a... http://t.co/NqQPsujWSQ
March 25: New, Tucson Electric Power home solar customers who use net metering to save on their electric bills... http://t.co/Lr6RAykiyC
March 22: The President Obama took action last week to ensure 25% of the federal government's energy consumption... http://t.co/hJeikWiy69
March 22: Consumers may soon have the option of purchasing a do-it-yourself rooftop solar photovoltaic system at... http://t.co/mJELLrvrHF
March 21: Reuters reports that several countries in Europe, "claimed success on Friday in managing the... http://t.co/ZPIf03CKbx
March 20: On the morning of Friday, March 20, a major solar eclipse will hit Europe. The eclipse will create an... http://t.co/t3TJU1aY4t
March 17: The City of Yuma will dedicate two solar array fields on Friday, March 20 that will provide power to... http://t.co/urH7aj5OQh
March 15: With the tremendous demands being made on our planet’s natural resources, it is essential that we... http://t.co/52ttjw9cPq
I posted a new photo to Facebook http://t.co/H4Q12plUbC
March 10: The ASU Foundation, chaired by Bill Post (former chairman and CEO of APS' parent company Pinnacle... http://t.co/2GFuj6t65S

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Arizona was one of the leaders in clean energy job growth last year, ranking No. 6 on a new report that looked at energy and transportation projects. The report released by the Washington-based Environmental Entrepreneurs group, found that Arizona announced 4,082 renewable and clean energy jobs in 2012 from 14 projects in the state.


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