Tuesday, November 25th, 2014 - 9:45 pm 
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While the public was focused on election returns on November 4, the Arizona Corporation Commission staff must... http://t.co/WKCfvjoMBF
The ACC has made it easier to submit comments to a particular case before the commission. The web site... http://t.co/iRNYmmniP0
Nov 10: Deutsche Bank analyst predicts rooftop solar PV will reach grid parity in 50 US states by 2016 – up from... http://t.co/VL6D4vzwQO
Nov. 10: Az Republic Op-Ed recommends keeping energy efficiency standard for Arizona. http://t.co/1O9teRiuwL
What should Americans make of the 2014 mid-term elections and its implications for energy policy? At the national... http://t.co/orgVsCELED
What should Americans make of the 2010 mid-term elections and its implications for energy policy? At the... http://t.co/4nPeV1yHeh
Nov. 7: ACC staff give thumbs up to TEP plan to build and own 3.5 MW of residential rooftop solar -- and thumbs... http://t.co/1vNVAPCjNR
Nov. 6: The Arizona Corporation Commission's staff has recommended that its commissioners reject a controversial... http://t.co/ZuNk9hTeIz
Nov. 6: The ACC has proposed eliminating the state's efficiency standard that requires electric utilities to... http://t.co/pBsrSGSiN7
Nov. 4: Tucson Electric Power is accepting nominations for the second annual TEP BrightEE Awards, which... http://t.co/28aBQIcQna
I posted a new photo to Facebook http://t.co/tQCS0IM0Yk
Nov. 1: Sierra Vista Herald Op-Ed states the outcome of the election will impact the future of solar in Arizona. http://t.co/qXUaW9b493
Oct 31: The reason solar-power generation will increasingly dominate: it’s a technology, not a fuel. As such,... http://t.co/YwhRsEunW8
Oct. 29: Solar installation rates soaring in Tucson . . . . http://t.co/loohO9CAOq
Oct. 28: With more than 20,000 panels, the 6.4 MW rooftop array that covers 20 acres atop the Mandalay Bay... http://t.co/KveaBvVUAx
Oct. 27: All trees convert sunlight into chemical energy, but now there are trees that convert sunlight into... http://t.co/7JvuDZ4yxB
The Sun Day blog . . .Republicans are attacking Democrats for supporting President Obama’s environmental... http://t.co/Cw16NZvRS9
The Sun Day blog . . .Republicans are attacking Democrats for supporting President Obama’s environmental... http://t.co/2EFrWOQVrt
The Sun Day blog . . .Republicans are attacking Democrats for supporting President Obama’s environmental... http://t.co/kCjmNnOVQj
Oct/ 24: The price of utility-scale solar power is 59 percent below where analysts thought it would be at this... http://t.co/N2XjXY2KEe
Oct. 24: Green envy in Connecticut . . . new report says the single most important factor driving whether a given... http://t.co/UhouxQW9vl
Oct. 24: Edison Electric Institute, the utility industry trade group, lobbies the Congressional Black Caucus to... http://t.co/T0wVffRDcZ
Oct. 24: APS guest editorial promotes expansion into the rooftop solar business. http://t.co/tNhcSuupsa
Oct. 23: Rocky Mountain Power is involved in multiple skirmishes in Utah with clean-energy advocates that could... http://t.co/XrcdPRjtMU
Oct. 23: The Seattle Mariners Spring Training complex in Peoria, has been fitted with a 345 kilowatt solar array... http://t.co/1KEKcz6LnF

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As part of a global cause to bolster solar power technologies, Arizona State University researchers are taking part in three new solar energy projects funded by the Australian and U.S. governments. The investment for these projects includes $68 million for two, eight-year research programs and $15.5 million for 11 collaborative projects.


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