Tuesday, August 4th, 2015 - 7:22 am 
(Arizona time)

News Highlights

Aug 1: Several Arizona utilities are poised to meet a goal of 6 percent of renewable energy use next year thanks... http://t.co/ORmdaVFZo0
July 21: More than 100 solar activists gathered in front of Tucson Electric Power's downtown headquarters Monday... http://t.co/2DLESQaaYY
July 14: Construction has begun on Salt Lake City-based sPower's new 45 Mw $80 million solar facility (Sandstone... http://t.co/PoTU4VPkOY
July 12 -- Prescott Daily Courier: During our big monsoon storm Monday, June 29, the electric went out. So I went... http://t.co/jX0HLQIPj3
July 12: Phoenix ranks third nationally among the top 40 most populated metropolitan areas in solar system permits... http://t.co/cqww7RYtEi
July 12: Later this summer, the Environmental Protection Agency will issue the Clean Power Plan, new clean air... http://t.co/YV1V09f6vP
July 11: Camping is getting a little greener in Arizona. Strategic Solar Energy recently broke ground at the... http://t.co/JbPmZ0FVK5
July 11: Tucson Electric Power has announced plans to expand its rooftop solar program and launch a new community... http://t.co/KnQYnlqhv4
July 11: Arizona Public Service Co. installed the first of 1,500 free residential solar projects Friday,... http://t.co/fg4qWlskPS
July 9: Willcox's Red Horse 2, which has been in the works since 2011, is set to 22 begin producing up to 71... http://t.co/VR1e9zcgry
July 9: Warren Buffett’s Nevada utility has lined up what may be the cheapest electricity in the U.S., and it’s... http://t.co/VjT5AWXh8r
July 6: Maine net metering alternative authored by former Az RUCO staffer, Lon Huber, and is a market-based... http://t.co/M8tIERHoOB
June 26: Throwing more fuel on the debate between rooftop solar owners and utilities, a new study finds the value... http://t.co/YDZHHXgHQC
June 24: A superior court judge has issued a ruling on a complicated case involving two Arizona solar companies... http://t.co/t6Qs9l2zWr
June 24: Salt River Project has asked a judge to dismiss a federal antitrust lawsuit filed against the utility... http://t.co/5hpUgWNXRZ
June 21: Giant Floating Solar Power Stations Are Japan's Newest Power Source. http://t.co/epQGWENuoI
June 21: Pope Francis' letter is addressed to every person living on this planet: "I would like to enter a... http://t.co/Iccm252u6J
June 19: Solar noon will strike at 12:29 p.m. Sunday, signaling the transition from spring to summer. More than... http://t.co/BjS1wYLbBd
June 19: Tucson Electric Power Friday dropped a request to let it pay customers less for their surplus... http://t.co/lJFXEciuYo
June 18: GTM Research recently released its U.S. Solar Market Insight report, and Arizona placed eighth in the... http://t.co/EYR3KLHwPo
June 16: Phoenix moved one step closer to its renewable energy goal with last week's dedication of the Desert... http://t.co/QEylwFEyUJ
June 10: The massive coal, natural gas and hydroelectric plants that power air conditioners and drive water pumps... http://t.co/cnhMhcXU5e
Staff members at the ACC are recommending Tucson Electric Power’s request to change the rate it pays rooftop... http://t.co/FGKiUA46YD
June 9: Hawaii strengthens its commitment to renewable by directing its utilities to generate 100% of their... http://t.co/dSia1oignw
June 7: Despite recent attempts in many state legislatures to repeal or weaken renewable-energy requirements, a... http://t.co/oHovmXKHwi

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