Tuesday, July 7th, 2015 - 3:22 pm 
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News Highlights

June 26: Throwing more fuel on the debate between rooftop solar owners and utilities, a new study finds the value... http://t.co/YDZHHXgHQC
June 24: A superior court judge has issued a ruling on a complicated case involving two Arizona solar companies... http://t.co/t6Qs9l2zWr
June 24: Salt River Project has asked a judge to dismiss a federal antitrust lawsuit filed against the utility... http://t.co/5hpUgWNXRZ
June 21: Giant Floating Solar Power Stations Are Japan's Newest Power Source. http://t.co/epQGWENuoI
June 21: Pope Francis' letter is addressed to every person living on this planet: "I would like to enter a... http://t.co/Iccm252u6J
June 19: Solar noon will strike at 12:29 p.m. Sunday, signaling the transition from spring to summer. More than... http://t.co/BjS1wYLbBd
June 19: Tucson Electric Power Friday dropped a request to let it pay customers less for their surplus... http://t.co/lJFXEciuYo
June 18: GTM Research recently released its U.S. Solar Market Insight report, and Arizona placed eighth in the... http://t.co/EYR3KLHwPo
June 16: Phoenix moved one step closer to its renewable energy goal with last week's dedication of the Desert... http://t.co/QEylwFEyUJ
June 10: The massive coal, natural gas and hydroelectric plants that power air conditioners and drive water pumps... http://t.co/cnhMhcXU5e
Staff members at the ACC are recommending Tucson Electric Power’s request to change the rate it pays rooftop... http://t.co/FGKiUA46YD
June 9: Hawaii strengthens its commitment to renewable by directing its utilities to generate 100% of their... http://t.co/dSia1oignw
June 7: Despite recent attempts in many state legislatures to repeal or weaken renewable-energy requirements, a... http://t.co/oHovmXKHwi
May 28: Efficiencies in installation and equipment have helped solar prices drop by more than half in the past 10... http://t.co/rTo63yjWfx
May 27: Pebble Creek is in most ways a quintessential Arizona retirement community. Located a few miles off... http://t.co/UD9WODE1aF
May 26: Those of us involved in the solar energy field over the last few decades have been part of an... http://t.co/Kgt6QXIXyh
May 21 -- How the private sector can easily and cheaply be harnessed to work for the public interest, all while... http://t.co/ldVQeeE8pX
May 21: Solar power is lighting up the world, and not just on rooftops. Forward-thinking minds are discovering... http://t.co/wMvGI3p7md
May 12: Tesla is reporting 38,000 reservations have been made for Tesla’s Powerwall, as well as ~2,500... http://t.co/9EZEJ7dWEw
May 11: Affordable, scalable, practical energy storage has long been considered the missing link needed to... http://t.co/BXnXwsmFFt
May 11: The Environmental Protection Agency announced last week that NAU is the largest consumer of renewable... http://t.co/RhklzaJbCk
May 8: For two years, Arizona Public Service wore the black hat in our state’s shoot-em-up at the solar corral.... http://t.co/UaNlxJoXtq
May 8:
May 8: Pima County supervisors approved a $22 million package of contracts Tuesday to buy solar power that is... http://t.co/bykny2KtWV
May 6: Tucson Electric Power (TEP) and sister company UniSource Energy Services (UES) have contributed $25,000 to... http://t.co/wmutjmR6O9

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One of ASU President Michael M. Crow's goals for ASU for 2013 and beyond is to "undertake applied sustainability research that impacts the social, environmental and economic evolution of the Southwest." Perhaps nowhere on any ASU campus is that goal more fervently pursued than in the labs and minds of LightWorks, ASU's initiative for creating light-inspired solutions for the energy challenges of today and tomorrow.


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